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Socialization Do’s and Don’ts

September 23, 2019

Socialization, as defined by the AVMA, is “preparing a dog or cat to enjoy interactions and be comfortable with other animals, people, places and activities.” Genetics certainly play a role in your puppy’s development, but puppies begin learning from the moment they are born and throughout their lives. With that said, you will have the […]

Your Dog’s Emotional Threshold

October 10, 2017

  My dogs and I were attacked by a loose dog last night. We were just around the corner from our front door when I heard someone yell in the distance. When I looked up, I saw a loose dog at the intersection, across the street. She saw us and made a beeline toward us. […]

Barkley’s Training School Class FAQ

September 20, 2017

Training Classes – General FAQ Q: What training philosophy do you follow? A: Positive reinforcement, relationship-based training techniques are what we use in class. Q What is your trainer to student ratio? A: We only allow a maximum of 8 dogs in class (up to 2 people per dog) and we have two instructors for […]

Meet the Trainers – Christina and Crystal

September 18, 2017

With the launch of Barkley’s Training School at Central Bark Philly, we’re excited to provide another in-house service to our customers. Classes are open to all dogs and owners, but our Day Care customers receive advance notice of classes and special discounts. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our new trainers to you in preparation […]

Autumn 2017 Events for Fun and Fundraising

August 31, 2017

Psst…Winter is Coming…   Well, Autumn is imminent, at least, and with the end of hot summer days comes the Season of Pet Events!   Central Bark Philly regularly participates in three annual events each Fall, and there are many more things happening in our region that you may want to attend. With Love, Super […]