Barkley’s Training School Class FAQ

Added on September 20, 2017

Training Classes – General FAQ

Q: What training philosophy do you follow?
A: Positive reinforcement, relationship-based training techniques are what we use in class.

Q What is your trainer to student ratio?
A: We only allow a maximum of 8 dogs in class (up to 2 people per dog) and we have two instructors for every class, so our maximum trainer to dog ratio is 1:4

Q: How much do your classes cost?
A: $180 for a six week course. Classes meet weekly on the same day and time.

Q: How far in advance do I need to sign up?
A: At least one week prior, however for our launch on October 3, we are accepting enrollment up to the first class.

Q: What information do I need to provide?
A: Proof of vaccination for Rabies and Distemper

Q: What if my dog isn’t neutered or spayed?
A: That’s OK for classes! All classes are strictly on leash, and we expect dogs to be under owner control at all times.

Q: Your class time is inconvenient for me, will there be other days and times?
A: YES! We hope to expend to Thursday night classes as soon as we fill up our Tuesday night.

Q: My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can we come to class?
A: It depends. With our low trainer to student ratio, and large space, we have the chance to provide separate areas for dogs that need more space. If your dog is highly reactive, however, we do not advise group classes.

Got any more questions?
Call us! 267-861-2275

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